Artist Statement


Trying to invoke an oneiric, dream-like state with handcrafted materials that are highly valued, reflect my attempt to show people the preciousness of life.  Our very identities are defined by our ability to thrive and flourish.  At the rate we exist our survival is being threatened, because we are not living a sustainable reality.  I want us to live our best lives and this is the point from where I draw my passion to create.

​I make wearable art that is meant for gentle interaction. My work is meant to transform the wearer and make the observer want to metamorphose into a fantastical being. I am giving the wearer a chance to experience play, in a world of make-believe, as a break from the political, social, and cultural context that comprises reality.  I believe people need to play in order for the brain to process complex problems; this is the purpose behind my artwork.

​My response to the world is a complexly layered collage in an act of cathartic substance. My work is often superimposed with subterfuge I find in some of the ideologies of society, fashioned with the hope and resilience to overcome that, which we seek, our identities.


  • 2018 – Art Bank Gallery, Indianapolis, IN


Solo Exhibitions

  • 2020 – Fantasyland 2020 Tour: Tallahassee, FL, Washington, DC, Cadiz, KY, & Chicago, IL                                                             

  • 2019 – Private Show, 10700 E Lakeshore Dr, Carmel, IN

                    Spring Fever, 768 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn, NY​

  • 2018 – Fantasyland 2018, Art Bank Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

                   Summer in the City, 768 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn, NY



  • 2020 –  Arts Fair on the Square, Bloomington, IN                                                                                                                 

  • 2019 –  Pop Con, Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN

                    Penrod, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN 

                    Highland Art Festival, St. Paul, MN

                    Night Market, Tube Factory, Indianapolis, IN

  • 2018 – Wearable Art Show, IUPUI Herron School of Art, Indianapolis, IN

                    Oranje, Coca-Cola Bottling Plant, Indianapolis, IN

  • 2016 – Wearable Art Show, IUPUI Herron School of Art, Indianapolis IN

                    Spring Equinox, The Wheeler Building, Indianapolis, IN

  • 2015 – Dirty Fingernails, Indy Indie Artist Colony, Indianapolis, IN

  • 2008 – Primer One, Murphy Art Building, Indianapolis, Indiana, IN